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Thomas Maes

Thomas Maes (1983) – BELGIUM

Painter, Sculptor, Designer, gallerist, art event curator, art consultant, event and trade fair organizer.

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Gabriel Meiring

Gabriel Meiring (1946) BELGIUM, Pianist, composer, Artist, painter and designer. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1946, he shows great talent for music at an early age. After having studied piano at the Pretoria Conservatory Meiring goes to Europe to continue his musical education. View full detail






Valentyna Protsak

Valentyna Protsak (Zürich, Switzerland) has virtuany created her own art movement, and most certainly has amassed a dedicated following through her seductive painting style, one which can be considered to be creative, high-­‐fashion expose with a bohemian flair.

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Business for Champions Cooperation

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Posterus-Event organizes exclusive events and annual events. This with extraordinary vision, design and luxury. Events organized within high society markets and at top locations. Representing ideas and designs, within Yachting/Aerospace/Architecture/Automotive.

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Evi Photopoulos

Evi Photopoulos (1970) - GREECE Multimedia artist, Painting/sculpture, Film, books, View full detail


Maes-Fashion specialist in man clothing Belgium. Fashion for all man. View full detail







Michel Anthony

Michel Anthony (Nice, France) Internationally established painter and sculptor. Quality bronze sculptures with harmonious concepts and vision

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