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Valentyna Protsak has virtuany created her own art movement, and most certainly has amassed a dedicated following through her seductive painting style, one which can be considered to be creative, high-­‐fashion expose with a bohemian flair.


Born in Kiew, Valentyna has studied at host of exclusive art institutes beginning at very young age, and it is this experience that is illustrated in the latitude of her creative gift, something her professional critics and admirers alike have come to expect with each new exposition.


Her flair for creating sunshine in her paintings, where no sunshine exists, her ability to offer expression and emotion, or movement and sense of grace and style, all with barely a few brush strokes, this is what sets Valentyna`s work apart from the pedestrian and vanilla flavored standards of mediocre yet aspiring artists work.


In one personal interview Valentyna was asked about her motivation to become an artist, she replied: „I discovered early about in my life a passion for painting. I like the feeling to be free to create something that makes a contribution to society“.


Whether in Zürich, Monaco, Spain or Southern France, Valentyna creates works from the power of the moment-­‐she is inspired by local lifestyles and the visions that touch and motivate her to take the brush to canvas.


In her studio, the colourful oil ans acrylic brushstrokes slowly begin to breathe life into the canvas, creating a window throught which one can inhale the full flavours oft he moment that Valentyna has captured, and within the space of a few minutes one is transported to that street scene, or to the same beach or bedroom.


Her work embraces, yet challenges the traditions of classical painting with an exploration of contemporary practices and observations. She explores new possibilities by addressing the contradictions and culminate the esthetic that commands an electrifying visual power.


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